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Logic Inbound Declares Shopify Safest E-Commerce Platform

Logic Inbound Declares Shopify Safest E-Commerce Platform

SEATTLE, Wash. – Entrepreneurs frequently face the difficult decision of choosing a safe e-commerce platform for their business. Logic Inbound, a top-tier digital marketing agency, recently determined that Shopify is the safest e-commerce platform to start a business with.

People who are concerned about how safe Shopify is can get help by reading the published article at Logic Inbound, “Is Shopify Safe?” It is a common question to search on Google by online businessman.

Logic Inbound shared the safety protections of Shopify and explained them on their blog. Shopify has a program called the “Bug Bounty Program,” which gives you more than $1000 if you find any bug inShopify. This means it’s really the safest e-commerce platform compared to  other e-commerce platforms.

Not only that, its class risk analysis tool lets you  prevent fraudulent orders and cancel them if anything looks suspicious. As it has more customers and clients than any  other e-commerce platforms, we can easily call it the safest e-commerce platform.

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